Soft and cozy double room with private terrace overlooking the garden and the 11th century chapel; evocation of Molière, born in Pézenas, in small city close to Montbazin.

Large double bedroom with two balconies overlooking the gate of the old castle and the 11th century Chapelle Saint Pierre. Room dedicated to Georges Brassens, native and lover of the city of Sète, located at 12mn by car from Montbazin

Large double room with marine and poetic colors in homage to Paul Valéry, famous writer and poet originated from Sète city.

Large romantic room with double balcony overlooking the door of the old castle, the 11th century chapel and the massif of the Gardiole. A nest full of elegance and charm like Juliette Gréco who Montpellier native, 20mn by car from Montbazin.

Family room with joyful and colorful notes inspired by Boby Lapointe, originated from Pézenas.