Outdoor and High-end spa with aromatherapy or dry heat and the purifying sauna essences, or a full dedicated californian or hot stone massage, you can choose your relaxation mode for optimal wellness.


Intimacy parenthesis with a romantic diner or happyness with a diner between friends, you can write a new page of your love story’s and frienship’s book: a meal entirely home prepared, accompanied by special selection of local wines. You will enjoy a full service dinner on tables covered with white napkin. This service is avaible as from 10/1st til 06/14TH.

A plancha in order to have a short diner on the spot after a long trip without the obligation of taking the car again. This service is avaible as from 06/15th til 09/30TH.

A platter of fresh seafood caught in the Etang de Thau and delivered to you, all year long serice.


For professionals traveling on business, we offer a range of services such as evening stops (incl diner) or seminars.